Small things

The first grenade 345 ₴
Oatmeal caramelized in honey with the addition of dried cranberries, dark raisins, hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts with vanilla, cinnamon and coconut pulp.
Salted caramel in a jar 135 ₴
Iconic creamy caramel with sea salt. 200 grams
Truffle caramel in a jar 155 ₴
Iconic creamy caramel with sea salt and truffle paste. 200 grams
Sneakers cookies 35 ₴
Cookies with chocolate drops and almond flour with a heart of caramel and peanuts. 60 grams
Oatmeal cookies 24 ₴
An iconic caramelized oatmeal cookie with cinnamon and dried cherry. 40 grams
Chocolate cookies with salted caramel 30 ₴
Crispy biscuit top and soft inside with sea salt crystals and salted caramel filling. 40 grams
Truffle white 20 ₴
Almond flour carrot sponge cake in white chocolate crumbs and shortbread cookies. 15 grams
Set of truffles 135 ₴
A set of two types of carrot biscuit based on almond flour in crumbs of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and cocoa. 90 grams 135uah black truffle carrot sponge cake based on almond flour in dark chocolate crumbs and
Truffle black 20 ₴
Almond flour carrot biscuit in dark chocolate and shortbread crumbs. 15 grams