Terrace. sea view


Blue pancakes with brewed cream 135 ₴
With fresh strawberries / 180/70 g
Italian bowl 165 ₴
With cherry tomatoes, quinoa, baby mozzarella, avocado, arugula, chicken egg and pesto sauce / 300 g
Oatmeal 98 ₴
With grilled, dried apricots and cranberries. served with caramel. cooking on water or milk at the guest’s choice / 300 g
Milk porridge with pumpkin marmalade 97 ₴
Cook in water, cow or coconut milk at the guest’s choice / 300/50 g
Cheese 135 ₴
Homemade cottage cheese with strawberries, sour cream and strawberry sauce / 180/40/40 g
Crispy french cruissan with strawberry and cheese bri 145 ₴
Served with arugula and honey mustard sauce, baked every morning with love / 200 g
Baked asparagus with poached egg and dutch sauce 228 ₴
Served with salted salmon / 300 g
Eggs cocott 137 ₴
With sausages, spinach, dorblu and parmesan. served with a fragrant baguette / 220/60 g
Avocado toast 195 ₴
With lightly salted salmon, philadelphia cheese, edamame beans and soft eggs. served on brioche toast / 220 g