Terrace. sea view


Chicken bouillon 98 ₴
From poultry with the addition of black paste, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs and basil / 300 g
Corn cream soup with octopus 225 ₴
Delicate corn cream soup with octopus fried in aromatic baby oil. serve with chopsticks grissini / 280 g
Creamy-cheese soup with mussels 195 ₴
Tender creamy soup with mussels and dorblu cheese. serve with crispy baguette / 220/60 g
Ear 215 ₴
With flounder, salmon and black sea gobies / 300 g
Beef with veal 126 ₴
Classic ukrainian borsch according to a family recipe for a chef / 350 g
Tom yam with chicken 225 ₴
Tom yam with seafood 325 ₴
Salmon, squid, shrimp and raps) thai soup with coconut milk with the addition of wood mushroom, lemongrass and lime juice. served with japanese rice, cilantro and chili / 300 g