Olio picca


Hummus with prawns 245 ₴
Squid and focaccia with parmesan
Chicken liver pate 110 ₴
With caramelized onions, pears and focaccia with Parmesan
Bruschetta with roast beef 135 ₴
Cherry tomatoes and arugula on homemade bread with cheese cream and truffle paste
Bruschetta with Mozzarella Mini 95 ₴
Cherry tomatoes, olives and basil on homemade bread with pesto sauce
Pickled Veal Carpaccio 135 ₴
With cherry tomatoes, arugula and Parmesan cheese
Salumeria 325 ₴
Prosciutto, Pancetta, salami, focaccia grissini, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and Parmesan cheese
Cheese and Spinach Pie 95 ₴
With cheese sauce
Baked potato mackerel 115 ₴
Pickled onions and Borodino bread
Piquant marinades 85 ₴
Peperonchini, honey pickled tomatoes, gherkins, pickled cabbage, green onions
Cheeseboard: 175 ₴
Grana served, Camembert, Dor Blue, Radomer, Mozzarella, bruschettes with cottage cheese and garlic, honey, nuts, grapes
Squid fries 185 ₴
With sauce Tar-tar
Crispy Mozzarella Cheese 125 ₴
With baked apples and fresh berry sauce