Olio picca


Pork salad in cream sauce on fried potato medallions 180 ₴
With champignons, cherry tomatoes, celery stalk, mix of greens and arugula, quail eggs, Crimean onions and Pesto sauce / 360g 180 UAH
Salad with Prosciutto, pear and Dor Blue cheese 145 ₴
, with a mix of greens and arugula, almond shavings and lime-mint sauce
Shrimp salad 255 ₴
Squid and avocado, with cherry tomatoes, a mix of greens, quail eggs, and Parmesan cheese with mint and mustard sauce
Quinoa Salad 135 ₴
Vegetables, mozzarella-baby, mix of greens with poached egg
Greek salad 125 ₴
From vegetables and feta cheese and Kalamata olives
Caesar salad 185 ₴
With chicken, bacon, boiled egg, cherry, greens mix, with Parmesan cheese
Rustic Salad 110 ₴
From tomato, cucumbers, radishes, fresh champignons, Crimean onions and cilantro with ciabatta croutons and homemade oil
Warm veal salad 225 ₴
And vegetables, with green mix, mushrooms and Crimean onions
Salted Salmon Salad 235 ₴
Mix of greens, cucumbers, and tomato with poached egg and Parmesan cheese
Warm chicken liver and baked apple salad 175 ₴
Green mix, cherry, Crimean onion, cranberries and walnuts crumbs