Tabule 90 ₴
Traditional oriental salad with fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, parsley, bulgur, red onion and olive sauce
Caprese salad 99 ₴
Fresh tomatoes, mini mozzarella, basil petals, mix salad, pesto sauce, balsamic cream
Fresh fatou 100 ₴
Fresh tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, celery stalk, red onions, basil, fresh fatush sauce (250g). served with homemade bread (30g)
Greek 110 ₴
Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, mix salad, crimean onion, olives and olives, feta cheese, pesto sauce
Liver salad 120 ₴
Chicken liver (100g) fried with teriyaki sauce, apple sauté, carrots, mix salad, quail eggs, oyster sauce
Farm 135 ₴
Fried chicken breast (50g), iceberg salad, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, champignon mushrooms, quail egg, mix salad, french fries, garlic sauce
Caesar chicken 140 ₴
Fried chicken breast (70g), mix salad, fresh tomatoes, quail eggs, parmesan cheese, caesar sauce (240g). served with homemade bread (30g)
Veal salad 195 ₴
Grilled veal (80g) with zucchini and tomatoes, salad mix, red onion, champignon mushrooms, sweet and sour sauce
Mediterranean 205 ₴
Fried seafood (225g) in a spicy sauce, fresh cucumber petals, cherry tomatoes, salad mix, parmesan cheese, nut sauce
Salmon salad 205 ₴
Baked salmon (80g) in aromatic herbs, celery, apple, orange, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, mustard-honey sauce