From the fire

Pork ribs texas style bbq 99 ₴
Ribeye 129 ₴
With umami salt and jack daniels sauce
Duck breast 126 ₴
With kimchi glaze, green beans and baby corn
Burger 289 ₴
With marbled beef
Lamb fillet 189 ₴
With charred salsa and arugula crunchy leaves
Finishing 99 ₴
In oyster glaze
Black sea mussels 215 ₴
In tom yam sauce or in creamy sauce with gorgonzola cheese and celery
Octopus tentacles 590 ₴
With smoked corn sauce and chipotle pepper
Sea bass 89 ₴
With pomelo salsa
Argentinean prawns and pink squid 289 ₴
With mojo de ajo sauce